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This is an official order form. You, the "customer", agree that we, "Cheer Music4U", will be contracted to provide and perform services to you, the "customer". You understand the pricing methods used and agree to pay "Cheer Music4U" in full and in a prompt manner upon compliance of your order. You agree that any required deposit(s) is (are) non-refundable. You understand "Cheer Music4U" only provides music editing services and that you will only use benefits of this service in a private, non-profit manner. You understand that you will not own the full rights to your mix(es), and that editing the music you receive from Cheer Music4U is not allowed and can be considered a copyright infringement. You also agree that unless the editing/mix itself is defective and or music requested was not included, music cannot be changed after order is completed. Cheer Music4U reserves the right to add your music to our website as a sample in a low quality mp3 for copyright protection purposes.